Add an anchor link to your menu that goes to a point in another page

The issue

So you used Elementor’s anchor widget, placed your anchor with it and gave it a name. And then you went to the Menus section in the WordPress backend and added your custom links to your main menu.

Upon checking the page with the anchor points, all works like a charm. But when you click those menu links from another page, the same menu items take you nowhere!

The Steps

Instead of only setting the custom link to the anchorpoint as #nameofsectionid, you have to put the full url to the page it’s on, in front of it.

  1. Go to Menus (from the WordPress backend that is under Appearance, on the left).
  2. In de menu, you click on the right side, on the down arrow to open the menu link editor.
  3. Put the full page url, ended with a forward slash (/) in front of the #nameofsectionid.
  4. Save your menu. Done.

Video Tutorial

Do you literally want to see how it’s done? Watch the quick video I made about it.

Demonstrated in less than 1 minute.

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