Upcoming tutorials, plugins and addons on my list!

Want to know what's coming? I'm listing upcoming topics here.

In case you’re planning to send me a request for a certain (video) tutorial, I suggest you check the lists below. There is a chance your topic is listed there. I can’t say WHEN I will actually create a tutorial though. Simply because I have to prioritize the jobs that pay my rent, my gazillion software licenses, my beers and my travels to Wordcamps all over the world.

The topics I cover are either things I deal with in my daily life as a web creator and WordPress / Elementor Educator, or topics that I see questions about over and over and over again in the Elementor Community on Facebook. One of the main conditions for me to create a video tutorial is that I can show it in less than five minutes, preferably even in less than two. My tutorials are about details without fluff. They are to the point and usually go like: “Go here, click this, go there, click that, done.” Which is usually for those settings that are so easily forgotten after a while, if it’s something not used for a long time.

In many cases my tutorial pages will have links to sources that can definitely show you the “why” of certain things, often the extensive articles and video from Elementor on their blog pages and in their documentation, but also video tutorials and articles made by talented teachers like Chris Ayers (World Webscapes), Mick Viller (Mick the WP Mentor), Zoe Tame, Ooooh Boi (whose real name is unfortunately unknown to me) WP Learning Lab and of course three giant creators of video tutorials: like Dave Foy (Design Build Web), Paul Charleston (WP Tuts) and Ferdy Korpershoek! And with time this list will definitely grow longer.

[drumroll] The Lists

WordPress & Elementor related

  • WordPress settings
  • Elementor Settings
  • ACF Pro
  • CPT UI
  • HappyFiles Pro
  • Creating your own shortcodes
  • Ele Custom Skin (free and pro)
  • Code Snippets
  • Shortcodes
  • WPML
  • Custom CSS
  • Google API for SMTP plugin setup

Support related

  • Tips and tricks to get help faster
  • The right terms to use when searching for the answer to a question you have via search engines
  • Hosting stuff
  • Feature requests on GitHub
  • Bug Reports on GitHub

Business related

  • Successful tools to keep clients happy
  • Deal with tough customers
  • Open source success


  • Mobile Apps
  • Online editing tools for graphics and videos