Why I volunteer in the Elementor Facebook Community as a moderator

Time and again the question comes up why I love to do this so much. This is an adapted version of what I previously wrote upon my welcome as a moderator.

I have been developing websites and corporate styles for over two decades. I began freelancing on a part-time basis in 1998. When I discovered the world of open source – about ten years ago, – I fell in love with it. I wanted to be part of that immediately, with no restraint! So I quit my job as a recruiter and dedicated everything I had to my marketing and web design agency.

Why I chose Elementor

I’m an avid fan of Elementor and the people behind it. Of course, there are other advanced page builders out there, each with their own technical advantages and disadvantages. I’ve worked with most of them.

However, for me, the scale tipping factor towards Elementor is the founders’ strong sense of community. I never cease being impressed by their initiatives to be a great provider of means for anyone who wants to (learn to) develop amazing websites. And they keep going at it. The upcoming Experts Platform, for example, that is SO exciting!

I love how this community has steadily grown into such a great and friendly resource for all members who care to support each other, whether beginner or very experienced users. Currently there are 53K members! So far I’ve always found the right answers here, each time I run into something I can’t figure out. And then there are all these amazing folks on YouTube who do brilliant Elementor video tutorials. Paul Charlton with WPTutsFerdy KorpershoekAdam PreiserOoooh Boi (whose real name is unfortunately unknown to me) and many many others.

So where does my moderating experience come from? Well….

Until a few years back, I’ve been part of a development team of another open source CMS, where communication with our community was one of my major duties for several years. It’s where I got my first experience being moderator and admin, as well as organizing small and large international community events.

In the past two years I’ve been moderating a (rowdy weight loss related) Facebook group with “only” 21k members, but I have recently decided to fully switch my attention to the Elementor Community.

Does that mean I have bucket loads of time to volunteer? No, I don’t. I MAKE time. Because the spirit of Open Source is not to only take, but to share and give back.

Lots of love from Germany!

Anne's full name in handwriting

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Anne-Mieke Bovelett runs a versatile advertisement & project management agency. She’s also a private teacher for entrepreneurs who want to learn to set up and maintain their own websites with WordPress and Elementor. Besides that she is an art & food coach. She currently lives in Mönchengladbach, a small city near Düsseldorf, but often resides in other countries as well. She’s fluent in Dutch, English, German (including Swiss-German dialect) and geek speak. Read more…


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Anne's full name, handwritten
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