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Finding solutions to issues in a website or an answer to a question, is sometimes like being a mechanic that gets confronted with an unknown part in a new car model.

No one needs to explain the mechanic what a battery is, or a brake, or where the oil needs to be refilled, or what bust cylinders are. When he discovers a new part in the car he wants to learn how to handle, he’ll want to know JUST THAT.

When I look for a setting in a plugin, I don’t want to read about that plugin from scratch, nor do I want to spend loads of time scrubbing through videos to see if that one setting is being demonstrated. I already know most of it, and just need that one piece of info. Preferably demonstrated without fuzz and a lot of long explanations.

If it’s not there, create it

I couldn’t find a centralized source of quick snippets, and decided to create it here.

Anne's full name: Anne-Mieke, in her own handwriting

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About me

My name is Anne-Mieke Bovelett, and I run a versatile advertisement & project management agency. My business site can be found here.

I’m fluent in Dutch, English, German (including Swiss-German dialect) and geek speak. One of my favourite coding friends once said: “Oh wow, you actually ARE a geek in heels!” Hence the origin of the name of this website. However, as fluent as I may be in English, I thought it was geek ON heels. It’s what we say in Dutch: “op hoge hakken”. Now I know that I got it wrong. But what’s in name? The fact that you’re reading this, means you found my website, in spite of that, didn’t you?

I’m in love with logic, my brain goes faster than my mouth, so sometimes I talk gibberish. Laziness translated to effectiveness, I prefer to create live screencasts to explain a problem or a solution, rather than writing it down. Autodidact, open source lover, webdesign (CSS + HTML) since 1998, lately digging into PHP.

If you insist on knowing more, come find me via the various channels listed on the contact page.