To contact or not to contact....

What you CAN contact me for:

Individual Elementor Training

I teach WordPress and Elementor Pro. I train starters, intermediate users and agencies. I mostly operate in English and Dutch.

Tutorial Requests

Would you like me to make a quick video tutorial about something related to Elementor? A setting, a workflow, or a custom CSS trick? As long as it’s not about a third party theme (Astra, Ocean WP, etc.) or third party addons for Elementor except the ones I have already made tutorials about, or which are listed in this post, feel free to send me a request. Please note that I am no too keen to create third party theme tutorials. There already are wonderful tutorials for that on YouTube. Please note that requesting a tutorial doesn’t automatically mean that I’ll actually make that tutorial, and if I say “yes”, it’s not guaranteed that I’ll do that right away.

Elementor Experts Platform

Contact me via my Experts Profile.


My handle is @Bovelett. Please note: I often forget to check message requests from people I’m not (yet) following. If you want my attention fast(er), make sure you mention me in a tweet.


My handle is Geekonheels. Please state that you came through this page. Thanks!


You can find me here. Requests without a personal introduction are ignored by default. If you can’t be bothered to write a personal message explaining why you think it’s a great idea to connect on LinkedIN, then don’t even think about sending me a contact request. I think it’s impersonal and very very rude.

I wrote an article called: No message, no effort = no connection! about that, in case you wonder.

What you SHOULDN'T contact me for:

Free Support

If you want support for free, there is a really cool Elementor community for that on Facebook, for and by users. Last time I checked (November 2020) it has 85K members. As a moderator I’m already spending quite some time assisting people over there. Of course, if you have an issue with Elementor Pro, you can contact support via your account page.

Inside information about Elementor

Apparently the fact that I’m part of the Elementor Community Leaders Team and a moderator in the Elementor Facebook Community, some of you seem to assume I have access to spectacular inside info on whatever related to this magnificent tool. Well, people, I DON’T. None of the volunteer moderators do. We’re users, just like you.

Shush, off you go, take your fishing expedition elsewhere…