How to get in touch with me

What you CAN contact me for:

Individual Elementor Training

I teach WordPress and Elementor Pro. I train starters, intermediate users and agencies. I mostly operate in English and Dutch.

Tutorial Requests

Would you like me to make a quick video tutorial about something related to Elementor? A setting, a workflow, or a custom CSS trick? As long as it’s not about a third party theme (Astra, Ocean WP, etc.) or third party addons for Elementor except the ones I have already made tutorials about, or which are listed in this post, feel free to send me a request. Please note that I am no too keen to create third party theme tutorials. There already are wonderful tutorials for that on YouTube. Please note that requesting a tutorial doesn’t automatically mean that I’ll actually make that tutorial, and if I say “yes”, it’s not guaranteed that I’ll do that right away.

Elementor Experts Platform

You can find my profile here.


My handle is @Bovelett. But… I often forget to check message requests from people I’m not (yet) following. If you want my attention fast(er), make sure you mention me in a tweet.


My handle is Geekonheels


You can find me here. Empty requests are ignored. If you can’t be bothered to write a personal message explaining why you think it’s a great idea to connect on LinkedIN, then don’t send me a request.

What you SHOULDN'T contact me for:

Free Support

If you want support for free, there is a really cool Elementor community for that on Facebook, for and by users. Last time I checked (September 2020) has almost 80K members. As a moderator I’m already spending quite some time assisting people over there. Of course, if you have an issue with Elementor Pro, you can also send Elementor a support request.

Inside information about Elementor

Apparently the fact that I’m a moderator in the Facebook Community for Elementor, makes people think I have access to inside info on whatever related to this magnificent tool. Well, people, I DON’T. None of the volunteer moderators do. We’re users, just like you.

Shush, off you go, take your fishing expedition elsewhere. 🙂