Global padding for Elementor sections

How to globally set the padding for all Elementor-sections in your layout.

The Issue

So you’re looking for a way to set global padding for all your sections in Elementor? One can get confused with the various individual settings for each section within the layout very quickly.

The quick fix

You can define global padding for all your sections via CSS. The class for Elementor sections is named .elementor-container.

You can paste the CSS with the %-value, how you’d like the padding to be set into one (and only one!) of these places:

  • the CSS-area of your active WordPress Theme
  • your Child Theme´s CSS-area
  • the direct CSS-area of the Elementor page you´re working in*
  • as a snippet in your “Code Snippets” plugin
  • into your “Simple CSS” plugin

*not recommended. If you ever want to change it, you’ll have a hard time finding where you set it.

The Code

div.elementor-container { padding: 0 2% 0 2%; }