This Is How You Effectively Reach The Elementor Development Team

There IS a place on the net where you can be 100% sure that the Elementor development team sees your feature request or bug report! Let me show you where and how.

The Situation

So you feel there’s something missing or broken in Elementor? For those less tech familiar with all the geek speak: this means you have a feature request (FR in short) or a bug report. You can tell the Elementor developers about it, and it’s not even that hard!

Steps to achieve it

The best way to let them know that, is to tell the Elementor development team about your feature request on Github.

Please note, Github calls everything an “issue”. You may get the impression there are a gazillion problems to be solved. But, like you may want to add one now, a lot of these actually are Feature Requests.

  1. Create a GitHub account. It’s free!
  2. Then go to the Elementor Issues page.
  3. Before you add your request, please use the search field first, to see if this request has already been placed. If so, you can +1 it by adding a comment that literally says +1. If not, go to step 4.
  4. Click the green “new issue” button on the top right of the page. Please provide all the details about the functionality you need. Also, include how this feature would benefit a large number of users. People will then +1 if they think it is a great idea.And there’s more you can do…
  5. Copy the link to your Feature Request or Bug Report and share it with as many fellow Elementor users as you can!

And then what?

If the team feels this is a needed function (I can’t speak for them, but thousands of +1’s may help them feel like that, see remark further down), it gets added to the core. Keep in mind that this can take some time.

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Would you actually like to understand WHY this works?​

GitHub is THE place where we, as a community, really get to flex our muscles. At the time I’m publishing this article (February 7, 2021), the Elementor Facebook Community has over 95K members.

As a co-moderator in the Elementor Facebook Community I keep telling so many: Please, dear fellow users, put your voice where it’s being heard by the developers. That’s on Github, not in the user driven Facebook Community, on Twitter or any other social.

Make a fist!

Seeing some of the remarks in various social media channels about missing features would drive one to think the world is about to end if that feature isn’t added to Elementor.

And the reality? The highest number of comments / +1’s on a feature requests so far (I checked again, today, see screenshot) is 375. It’s the one about additional custom breakpoints (and yes, more custom breakpoints are coming to Elementor!)

List of Elementor bugs and feature requests on GitHub, sorted by the number of responses, highest number (375) first.

But it’s on social media, especially in the Elementor Facebook Community, where you get your fellow users to join / chime in on your request or report… on GitHub!

– Anne