How to quickly retrieve your Elementor System Info

Need help troubleshooting issues with Elementor? Help others to help you!

The Issue

Need some help troubleshooting issues with Elementor? Help others to help you! Whether you post a cry for help in the Elementor Facebook Community or when you file a bug report on Github, sharing your system information is helpful.

Steps to achieve it

Here’s how you find and copy it:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Point at Elementor
  3. In the submenu that appears, click System Info.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom where it says: Copy & Paste info.
  5. Click inside the grey box, it will automagically select all text, which you can then copy, so you can paste it in your post, support request or bug report.
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Would you actually like to know WHY you should do this?​

Not giving enough information is like calling a stranger and saying: “Hey, IT is broken, can you help me fix it?” I probably don’t need to tell you that you’ll get a negative or even outright weird response, although it’s probably not much weirder than the way you presented your issue… Right?

If you present your issue with only a fraction of the information, you’re making others guess. Basic facts like the theme you use, the plugins you have installed, your PHP version, your server settings AND error messages are important to know in order to be able to help you troubleshoot.