Make a button that links to another place on the same page

Anchor links are a frequent topic in the Elementor Facebook Community, they can be created in two ways.

The Issue

In the Elementor Facebook community someone asked: “How can I send someone to a form with just one click, using a button? I’ve seen similar questions in the past, so I decided to make a quick tutorial for it. The main topic is actually (again) creating anchor links. I have recently made another tutorial about creating anchor links that actually take you to an anchor that is on another page.

Steps to achieve it

There are two important steps to take:

  1. Create a section ID (that is where your link will jump to), as that will be your so called anchor; and
  2. create the link, also known as anchorlink.

To create the section ID:

  1. Click the section.
  2. Go to the Advanced Tab
  3. Fill out a (unique!) name in the CSS ID field. It has to be unique, because you can’t use an ID on the same page twice.

To create the link for your button:

  1. Click the button
  2. Then, under the Content Tab, write #nameofyourcssid
[css]code here[/css]

Video tutorial


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Additional ways to achieve the same

Alternatively you could use the Anchor Widget provided by Elementor to create the point where you want to jump to. They have made an excellent tutorial for that. But this will generate an extra DIV element in your page. Rule of thumb for me is: “The less DIVs on a page, the better”.