When not all posts are showing on an archive page

When posts seem to go missing from the bottom of the grid you created with the post- or archive widget in Elementor.

The Issue

So you designed this really nice postgrid for an archive display, with 3 columns. And you set that to 12 posts per page. And then it only shows the first ten posts, and number 11 and 12 appear on page two. Something like the image below.

Visualisation of white posts on dark background, grid.

Steps to solve it

Go to your WordPress dashboard ⇒ Settings ⇒ Reading and set the “Blog pages show at most” number to the maximum number you want to show on the archive page. Remember that the number of messages must be divisible by the number of columns you chose to display in your post grid.

Screenshot of Reading Settings in the WordPress Dashboard, green thick line around the setting that needs to be adjusted.

[css]code here[/css]